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Live video

Since the update I did now I can’t view any of my live feed videos. It just keeps activating device and then gives me an error. Over the ring app

Want to love it, just need a bit more developer love

First please fix the time it takes a camera to respond. That can cause me to miss some alerts. Second I really need a feature to disable lights at some times. I don’t get it, you add the option to schedule lights to come on, give me the opposite please!

Bluetooth audio Support

Minor connection issues that are addressed in every update. But something I need drastically is being able to speak to someone through using my Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth audio connect in my car.

Good but they need to get the internet connection fixed

Great product but connecting to the internet seems sometimes hit and miss. I did get an Arlo for the interior and it profound better than Ring. The problem is sometimes it will not connect even though it’s next to the router and other it’s connected to power and has to be restarted. This then leads to a hit and miss with the WiFi again. I now have a Stick-up Camera that will not charge or connect, in layman’s terms a BRICK. When it does work...home run. Hopefully they have a software fix soon. I’m six cameras in so far.

Not what it claims to be

I was excited to get the ring doorbell. At first it sounded to good to be true. And I was right. It doesn’t pick up motion until after the fact and when they are touching my door? Sometimes it will sense the cars driving up the street but nothing around my home. I bought it because of the break ins that have been happening. I have the WiFi extender connector. Say it has great connection. Everything else that takes internet is working just fine. I’m sad about this because I wanted to buy the motion lights for a few places in my home and partners home. So frustrating. 😒


This is terrible! The live view takes forever and sometimes I can try for an hour and NOTHING! I heard something in front of my door late at night and couldn’t even get the app to show me a live view. PLEASE FIX THE APP!

Dear Ring

This is an excellent app but would you write within the program the ability for only the primary user(0wner) will be allowed to delete the videos from the history? And that the primary user could designate which secondary users have the delete right? This would be gravely appreciated. Thank you Ring

Customer service

Great customer service and great cameras. Only thing I would add is the ability to set off the siren while in the live camera mode.

V5.2 ... indeed getting worse

After updating today to v5.2 during broad daylight image from doorbell is black and white when using live view yet doorbell motion or ring is in color. Also notifications upon someone hitting the doorbell delayed!!! Then when you click to contact support a status indicator just spins and spins. Deleted and reloaded app, restarted iPhone but neither helped. Home network and internet link fine. Hoping a fixed v5.2.1 comes soon! UPDATE: After writing this review I checked the Ring status (their cloud backend services) and while all show green as operational they also indicate a “past incident” for today that has been “resolved” for the very issue I am experiencing.... so how is it “resolved?”

Video Resolution is bad

Please fix the firmware so the video resolution gets better. My ring video is 1080p but with new update, the video resolution is not 1080p. It has bad resolution around 360p and the motion is lagging too!! It is not my internet speed!

Promised HomeKit support?

It has been ages, where is it?

USED to work well...

Used to work like a charm. Now when I try to open the app to respond to a doorbell, it just hangs and hangs. Also, recordings related to doorbell rings freeze halfway through. Much less useful. I liked being able to answer my doorbell when I was away from home. UPDATE: Turns our that it was a known problem with the doorbell unit. They replaced it with no hassle and now it’s working again. Ring needs to recall faulty products or create an alert to let people know about known issues. This isn’t a blender - it’s a product that the company, itself, bulls as a critical safety and security item. Anyway, I’m upgrading to 4 stars. The microphone on my front door can still isn’t great and the back door cam sometimes misses the beginning of activity, but, overall, it’s a good system. Please bring back the app feature where the activity you just viewed is highlighted in the list when you return to the list - it’s easy to lose track of what you ha e and have not reviewed.

Can anyone fix this thing?

We are not pleased. The first month was great, but after that, the app does not work. I hear the motion bell, but it will not pull up on my pc or phone. Can anyone fix this thing? It needs to be repaired, or removed. Also your app will not allow me to send this review. Why? Because every nickname I give, is taken.

Too much delay and non-responsive

This app is cr@p!! There is too much of a delay when trying too see who is at the door. It either locks up or displays a white screen. Test your app before releasing updates!!! Have real people test it (let me know if you want me to test it as I have experience beta testing apps).

Agreed, worst update

This is the worst update. I dont even have the motion settings button anymore, my video is tweaking out, and its slower then before. Didnt have any problems until now.

Becoming Highly Annoying

Update 7/20/18 About to give up. This app requires a login almost on a daily basis. Have reinstalled and this seems to be an app bug. Down to 1 star. It certainly was 5 stars a few months ago! Update 7/2/18 OMG I’ve had to re-log in 4x this week as of Friday and it’s only Monday! Downgrading rating to two stars instead of three. 6/18 Every time there is an update which is like every week or two you get logged out, I had to quickly check my cameras for an event and of course the app had logged me out, I had to go through the whole sign in process, wait for it to load, and by the time I signed in I had already missed it the cam recorded a black screen too! I was super furious. They need to stop logging out their customers from the app for every little single update.

Really poor stability

When it works it’s great, but the app really needs to improve its stability and connection.

Notifications no longer open up video

What happened to the video stream popping up thru the notification notice? Now as soon as I get a door ring, we get a notification, but the app will no longer open up automatically. Btw I long into the app the person is long gone. The settings are still there and I have the option selected. Maybe due to the fact that a recent Apple update now requires you to Touch ID every time you open your phone. Seems to kill the notification and video stream process which made this app useful. Without that feature there is no chance of seeing who’s at your door in time. Need an update to address this change in iOS.


Two stars only because it does work some of the time. unfortunately it doesn’t work reliably when the doorbell rings and you want to see who’s there many times I respond to the doorbell chime on my phone and when I get to the door it’s still trying to make up communication I open the door see who is there respond with that person then close the door and it is still looking for communication. Has very strong Wi-Fi no issues but reliable communications issues.

Don't waste your money "AND PRECIOUS TIME"

I should start by saying that this is the worst piece of device I've spent money on in my life, and Ring is the worst brand I have dealt with. If you're considering getting this.... Don't! Ring as a company is a failure. I was an early adopter of this device and though it had some minor bugs, it still worked. It's been a year now since the device (multiple ones) started losing its functionality and it gets worse everyday --unbelievably. The development team have to be losing their mind. They keep pushing out updates on integration and neighborhood alert functionalities; how do you expect these to work when the primary function of the device (real time surveillance/interaction) doesn't work? Ring alerts don't work when you try to see what's out there --infinite camera loading loop. Live view is hit or miss --fails just when you need it. It's unnerving to see your aggressive approach to commercialize this device yet you won't invest a fraction of the money to support it or improve it's functionality. The customers are getting fleeced. It's very sad and Ring as a company should be ashamed of it this.

ARLO app

I have had these camera for a while nothing is getting better as far as improvements things seam to be getting worse at least once a week cameras go off line for no reason i have had one camera off line all week I truly would never buy these cameras again There are so many other brands that will do the job much better

Slow. Just slow.

Ring (eventually) achieves what it sets out to do: provide access to a camera outside my home and notify me of a doorbell ring. However, I experience anywhere from 3-90 seconds delay when trying to “answer” a ring, rendering that feature impossible to use. For the network-at-fault naysayers; I’m running Ubiquiti AMPLIFI mesh through a bridged Comcast gateway, and have less than 1ms latency internally (below 30ms to Google DNS) with nominal jitter internally (and under 5ms average external). One of the WiFi extenders is just seven feet from the doorbell. My phone runs on the same network as well. Additionally, the 30 second recording limit isn’t enough time because the camera doesn’t even pick up the first 2-5 seconds of the motion sometimes. People stand at the door longer than that. If someone is damaging my property, that’s hardly enough time to capture a full event. 5-10 minutes should be an option included with the monthly subscription. Two stars because I can check the door when I want (though delayed to start) and have some past recordings available.

Had high hopes...

I have several of the cameras and the reviews are true when it comes to lag time when recording. I always see the end of the motion so what is the point. Also, an update was sent to my Android and it completely changed the interface to a smaller view! Are you kidding me?!?!? It is very hard to read and hard to navigate. Whoever agreed to this change should be fired. Please listen RING people.... The concept is great, customer service is great but your quality of product is heading south. I would like to continue being a customer, however, the issues mentioned here and on the forums need to be addressed,

Notification delays update 5.1.1

Notifications are not pushing like it used to do with update 5.1.1 Please fix this issue. Thanks


Is it necessary that you have to update this thing every week very annoying so I bought a baseball bat for those who want to steal my items so much easier and faster than trying to login to my Ring camera . Haven't had a single item missing since I've armed myself .

Unreliable to Reliable

We have the front doorbell camera... motion goes off every time a car passes by but does not go off when someone walks by or is at the door. We also get delayed notifications. The video recordings lags sometimes showing just a still picture then actual video towards the end when the person is leaving. Customer service says it’s our internet connection but we have our router not too far from the door. Speed and connection test has no issues. Oh and there are times when when trying to use the “live view” it takes forever to load or doesn’t connect at all. UPDATE: 07/19/18 Connected with Essy from their Ring Team/ team advocate. She set a date and time to talk to me and walk me through the issues I was having. She saw first hand the problems I was having and was able to send me a new device along with a door mount to help broaden the view from my doorstep. I still had some issues with the live view even with the new device. She was able to see the trouble I was having and set me up with a ring chime pro. Everything works great now and I’m thankful she took the time to reach out and help me with all my issues.

Battery life disappointing !

I have had ring for a month plus and have had to recharge three times. It is mounted on front door so no way to hard wire. I have turned motion sensitivity down and it is still running battery down. It has good picture and gives alerts when battery is charged but now I am out of town and it’s dead. Not doing me any good! Any solutions?

Does not store video that you watch live

This is a significant flaw and why I won’t buy another Ring device. If you get a notification that someone is at your door and you choose to view it- you have just chosen to not record. The only way it records is if you do nothing. So it’s almost better not to respond to the notifications.

Started out good.

When I first installed the ring doorbell, it worked good and would alert for people at my door. Lately tho, it will detect motion for every car going down the street but when you need it, like someone coming up and banging on the door, it won’t detect any motion. So then I can’t see who it was. Starting to get disappointed with this purchase and will start to look at other options.

Getting. Glitchy

The starred videos aren’t showing in the app. Try to open starred videos (don’t have very many) and it shows as if I don’t have any. What’s the point if I can’t easily find and view my starred videos?

Worsening over time

I’ve been having issues with this app since last fall. Recently got better now is not working properly again

App doesn’t even start half the time

Not only is the video hit and miss but now the app won’t start half the time I click on it. It just opens to a blank white screen that I have to manually shutdown and then reopen before it works. I have the ring pro doorbell and the ring spotlight cam. Both hardwired power. Both so close to my mesh network that I could touch the station with a 10’ pole. Yet both provide jerky video. So two major problems with the two things it is supposed to do.

Horrible Company!!!!!

This is the WORST video security company out there!!!! Constant updates to app that result in a WORTHLESS security system, you get a White screen every other time you click on app, must delete it and re install multiple times a day: WHAT A RIPOFF NOW!!!! EVERY single positive review is a FRAUD!!!!!

Video very delayed!!!

I have my flood lights set so I can see who is pulling on to my property. By the time I get an alert they are parked and at my front door. This alarm system is mostly helpful if you want to watch the recording later after the fact. I purchased 2 and have not installed the second, I’m thinking abt returning it.

Every Update it Gets Worse!!

Why is it every time there’s an update I get problems and they are getting worse! STOP THE UPDATES PLEASE!! I know Ring has a LOT OF ISSUES to fix and a lot of bugs get rid of but you’re only making things worse with the updates. Thanks


Bought the floodlight camera. It was added to the the bell cameras I currently own. After the update, the flood light stopped working. I reconnected to WiFi but now doesn’t connect for live view. This all started after the new update! Not happy

Why did I even think of getting this in the 1st place

My Door Bell 2 is getting worse. A friend told me she bought one. I wish she would have told before she purchased it. I would have talked her out of it. Ugh! I get more and more aggravated with this supposedly ring camera. Well money earned, spent down the drain!!!

Nest is better

I bought this as the best product, however that’s not true, it takes to long to show live video.


The app is slow. The recording take long to load. Even when answering a motion or ring alert it’s slow (Even when I’m on WiFi). By the time it’s on the screen the person is already walking away. I mean I guess I get what I paid for.

Chirp Feature

This device needs a chirp feature. I understand your reluctance due to the sensitivity of the device. We get nightly motion alerts when a neighborhood cat visits. We should have the option to activate a 1 to 5 second alarm when motion is detected. Also the reset time is far too long. The resolution on nite vision is extremely poor. People are unrecognizable.

Software Update Flop

Recently updated my Ring app and the infrared stop working. Camera is now useless at night.


Erratic sometimes good sometimes terrible. Hard wired to electric transformer, sometimes good power, sometimes poor! How can my electric current be poor? Also takes too long to respond to doorbell ring, people leave before I can answer! Camera is good at least.

Getting worse!

I’m sitting at my kitchen table and I keep getting motion alerts, NOBODY IS THERE! I can see right out my front window that looks on the front porch where the doorbell is. It’s getting quite annoying not to my phones battery dies quickly because of it. And the update only made it worse, I swear a bug flies by, the motion alerts goes off and there is no one even in the sidewalk! Fix it!

Whatever you’re doing to the app, please stop

Used to work fine. Now I get a ring alert and the app goes to an infinite grey screen. What am I paying for again?

Instant notifications needed!

My only request is that the doorbell rings should show up instantly on your screens. By the time I go to the site and wait for it to load, much time has passed and I usually end up answering the door myself.

Ring Alarm Live Video SnapShots removed

In the CES Press release, Best Buy ad, Amazon listing, and PC Mag review the photos all showed a Live Snapshot of your Ring Pro or Wired always active Ring Spotlights. This tied the Ring Alarm in with the newer Cams. Live snap shots were at the bottom of the dashboard and were working Saturday. Sunday they were removed. I contacted Ring and they said they were turned off due to issues. Problem is this integration is why I selected Ring and bought the Alarm and more expensive Cameras. Other brands have this video snap shot feature. It is important to have as when the alarm goes off you cans see right away if it is a false alarm from a family member or a real break in. I may have to return everything if this cant be fixed soon. It was advertised in the official Ring photos. I see the photo of the snapshot dashboard was recently removed from the app store photo.

Terrible upload speed

Every time i get a notification that their is motion at my door, it takes forever for the video to connect to my phone. By the time a connection is made i already missed the motion or see the person walking away. I then have to wait for a period of time for the clip to be available to view.


I really loved this product but it has stopped working for no reason . I don’t know how to fix it. Can you please help me? Lisa


I had numerous videos stored/starred and they were lost during this recent upgrade. I generally don’t upgrade apps without my permission but for some reason opening this app after not using it for awhile automatically did it. Their is also no date and time stamp on ring videos which pretty much is ridiculous because how can you consider yourself a security device if the videos aren’t stamped appropriately? What happens if their is a theft and you cannot verify time and date of occurrences? It could be ANY DAY ,ANY TIME. These videos would not be omissible in court and then you are forced to star the video and now after 60 days videos disappear. GREAT. I have already mentioned to the company many times to fix and have the date and time stamp on the videos. Seriously... How is this considered real security footage without it?

Not on time

The ring it’s late when it rings on my cell it’s 2 minutes after I don’t get to see right awayWho is it. I till they are inside or gone’

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