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Please fix the audio switching from wireless headphones to iPhone speakers when trying to live view or watching any video.

Microphone Issue

For some reason my microphone on my phone, the person can not hear me when I am speaking I have checked my setting on my phone and via the app and both are fine. Also, the connection with the internet can be off and lots of pausing with my internet strength “good” on the app. How can I fix this microphone issue?

Lack of support

Have Ring on 2 doors, back door works great, front door terrible. Trying to contact support through the app it never connects Maybe this product is only meant for 1 door per Home

Fix one thing to get 5 stars

When selecting the “motion zones” allow the user to see the zones in the camera view so that the user can see perfectly what zones to use and how far to set the range. I have a yard flag and bird feeder that swing, if I could set the motion zones while looking at the image of the camera view it would be much easier than continuously guessing which zones to shut off and how far to set the range.

Not what I had hope for

A friend gave me this RING unit. I would never have bought it for myself knowing what I now know. Mounting is awkward. Instructions are vague. Pix would not allow for identification of persons. Battery charge available in the unit is not accurate, sometimes reading 100%, when that is truly impossible.

Wait and Wait and Wait and ...... still “nothing”!

Hardware is fine it’s just the software that needs updating. A couple examples.....my doorbell rings and an alert pops up on my iphone. I’ll click on the alert, it quickly pulls up your App, and then I just sit there and watch the loading circle spin and spin and ..... spin. By the time the live image appears, the person or delivery person has already left. I wait 5-8 minutes for the live image to load if it actually loads. 50% of the time it doesn’t. Or....my camera in the driveway goes off. I click on “live” and .........AGAIN, NOTHING! It does me no good to receive an alert when I can’t see anything. I’m back to square one, not seeing anything or getting any security, and now having to shop for new system? In the beginning I was all excited about your product. It looked good, price was ok, but it just doesn’t work. I’ll wait forever on my Windows PC, my MAC, my iphone, and my pad. Any platform, it doesn’t work. And where’s your indoor security camera’s? We’ve been waiting forever for that to come out too. As promised.

Needs Work

Live view will often not work if the camera is recording video at the same time. So when you need to see what’s going on during a triggered event you’re out of luck. You have to wait about thirty seconds after the event to record then review the prerecorded video to see what triggered it. Kind of defeats the purpose if someone is up to no good and they’re gone by the time you’re able to see anything.

Movement no longer recording

I just ordered and installed replacement stickup cams for my remote property. For some reason the notifications stopped recording. We can still do live view but nothing records. Our cloud is paid up til end of April. Usually the service is great but Whomever I got this time was no help whatsoever and did not seem knowledgeable. I was told I should just do a hard reset. Now if I lived close enough to do a reset, I wouldn’t need the camera. I guess all I can do is try calling again to see if I get someone who can actually help me.

Quick and Reassuring

I’ve used this application for several weeks now. I find it easy to use and quick to access (thanks to notifications). The app gives me additional peace of mind as to who is in the front yard and who is placing packages on (and who might be taking packages off of!) my front stoop.

Neighborhood alerts

So tired of having to turn off neighborhood alerts EVERY DAY! This review is for one star because of that. I don’t need or ever want to get alerts. We have an old lady that reports everything and most of it is false. Everyone in my neighborhood is going to remove and cancel service if we can’t opt out of these things. May not sound like much but word of mouth is everything and could cost more than the few thousand that we all spend a year. I have neighbors mad at me for recommending Ring to them. UPDATE: Even after turning off neighborhood alerts still getting them!! ANNOYING!! Another update: I do go into that setting on a daily basis because if I don’t it keeps defaulting back to 8-8. EVERYONE that uses this app has the same problem that I know.


I didn’t like the long wait to see live view.

So delayed

I thought this ring product would help with seeing who’s coming in my property to deliver, guest coming over etc... Oh yes, I can see partially who after the fact. What’s the point in having live viewing after a package has been delivered, guest after they walk away etc... This now seems like a ploy to get people’s hard earned money for an iffy product. More developer work needs attention to the quality and functionality of the doorbell etc... Half the time the video will show dark or washed out when it starts playing then get clear a few seconds later and not revealing anything worth seeing. You make the commercials look great and inviting but in real life, it’s not as clear and real time as falsely advertised. I will no longer encourage ANYONE to get these products until you all fix or come out with better quality products and fix the app. This review is for any and everyone considering Ring and that has Ring who’s experiencing multiple issues. By the way, I have read the instructions on how to use and maintain the app, spoke with Ring support, did troubleshooting steps and had the unit replaced. This and the replacement Ring was professionally installed. Please attend to these issues if you expect to keep and remain getting new customers. In the meantime I’ll have to spend extra money on another product to see if it’ll do a better job. SMH

Great Hardware Terrible App

After having the ring floodlight cam for a few months I have to say the camera/floodlight itself is great, but the app is terrible. First of all, half the time when the app notifies you of motion and the user attempts to open in the app locks up or crashes. Even if you select live view to see what is happening at a given time it won’t load quiet often. Which is great if someone is breaking into your house. My biggest complaint is the floodlight settings in the app. I have mine set to the LOWEST possible motion and distance setting yet every time there is a rain drop the floodlight turns on. If it is raining at all or windy it turns off and on ALL night. So basically I could install a lamp in front of my garage and it would do a better job. And to top it off, if your neighbors complain that floodlights are shining through their windows all night there is no way to disable the floodlight in the app! Super dissatisfied with this app.

App is getting worst

Now it is working on home wifi but not on cellular service.

Live view never works when bell is rung!

Don’t waste your money!!! Live view works but not when someone rings your doorbell. You will have to wait a couple of minutes and watch the recording. 3/15/18 After taking measurements of my wifi at the direction of Ring and determining that it wasn't a connection issue Ring quit communicating with me. I see in the other reviews that they are unwilling to admit it's a hardware issue with the Ring itself. Not only does the device not do what it's supposed to do but Customer Service is non existent once it is something to do with their equipment.

Just a glorified digital doorbell at the moment

It used to work great now it never connects to the camera, when I have an alert it just spins and spins, or when it does record something it’s just a black screen 40 seconds long. Internet speed is 174 mbps right next to doorbell. I think I’m gonna go with a different brand

Crashes on launch

Last two versions just crash on launch. Never get past launch screen.

Doesn’t work

Ring will tell me that someone’s at the door but that’s about it. When you try to answer, the app just spins. Been going on for over a year. Tried trouble shooting with a ring personnel. Still doesn’t work. It’s useless. Should have just installed a camera instead.

Unable to see motion video

For the past couple of months I can still see the video whenever there is motion in front of the camera. Right now I noticed that I don't see any video anymore unless you use the live view. This is very inconvenient because just in case someone broke in to our house we will not going to see who broke into our house because we can not access the motion video. I hope the developer of this apps will fix this problem anytime soon, because I don’t see why buy something that is useless.

Great App , Great Product

I’ve had my Ring Doorbell and Ring Wi-Fi extender for a while now. Great product. Always reliable with a very clear picture. Will invest in future Ring Products

Latest Update Issue

After upgrading to the latest Ring app I’m no longer able to see Neighborhood Alert Videos. I do get the neighborhood alert messages but when I click the messages to see the video it opens up the ring app to the neighborhood alert video section but shows no videos. I’m also not able to change the Neighborhood Alert Radius either. On an unrelated issue, what does it mean when the led Ring around in doorbell button flashes in blue? Not the spinning blue but the Solid blue flashing circle? I’ve looked and the paperwork that my doorbell came with but it only mentions the flashing blue and the spinning blue but it does not mention what the solid blue means. I’ve noticed it more than a few times. Ring Doorbell Info: It’s the original one(prior to Ring Video doorbell 2) The doorbell is hardwired.

Decent app

The app is decent. I like how you can have videos in the cloud, and replay them. It would be nice if you could give starred videos a label or description versus just a list of starred videos. That way I can better locate a video of concern. My main issue lately is the very slow load time when opening the app to see who is at my front door. It takes too long. Please improve the load time. It would also be nice to have the badge number to indicate number of unseen videos or notifications. It would help.

Trial run

Your trial version worked way better. I was able to be on the phone and watch the camera. Now our camera go off for just the air. Usually in the middle of the night. At this very moment our ring has went off 10 times today without any reason. The picture when there is something outside is GREAT. We can not complain about this. When we bought ring we thought these cameras were the answers to our prayers. Our neighborhood is a good neighborhood but police officers are not always respected by neighborhood kids/ and some adults even. We were having problems with people coming up to our house while we were home even and stealing from the porch. Now we notice there is a slight delay in the beginning. Not so sure why the trial seemed to work so well.

Awesome Experience

I’ve seen a few negative reviews, so I wanted to voice my opinion. I’ve had nothing but great experience with my cameras: Doorbell pro, floodlight camera, and two solar spotlight cameras. I have an excellent internet plan 100mb up/down, which I know helps. I also have a netgear nighthawk router. People with issues, please make sure you have a good to great router that can handle up to 20 devices. That along with your internet plan are critical to devices / apps such as these.

Getting fed up with Ring.

I am going to sell my two cameras. Whoever is reading this, please, I repeat, do not but this product. ):

Deleting Events is Tedious

**This review is for the app not the actual product (doorbell pro).** Deleting events in the Ring app requires a swipe, hit delete and again hit delete. Three steps to delete every single event??? Very tedious and requires work to remove events I no longer want stored. I never have only one event, but many. App should include a quick swipe to delete and not require 3 steps to delete one of many events or better yet, provide an option to Select / Select All to delete many or all events in one swoop.

Log in

Would really appreciate not being logged out all the time the app updates. Very irritating

Waste of money

The only thing worse than the ring doorbell, is the support.

Worst camera app I’ve used!

2nd Update—the developer response below is the same email i got. Here’s customer service for you. Wish I could put -0- stars now. I have NO bandwidth or WiFi issue, and no blockages. Sheesh. Update—Ring emailed me after this review, and of course, said it was either my WiFi or a bandwidth issue. Funny—the Hubble app works fantastic on the same system!!😂 I got the same response as everyone else. Blame it on everything else BUT their product I thought Motorola’s Hubble was slow...psshhh...it’s a speed demon compared to this. By the time you get it to pull up and view, whatever is causing the motion alert is gone! Then it takes a while for the video capture to load up so that you can view it! Anybody can steal from my porch or shed and be gone before the stupid app opens! Expensive products are not always the best—lesson learned. Back to our Motorolas and Hubble for us!!!

Great products but app needs some improvement

I love my 3 floodlight cams and doorbell 2. Clear picture and work well. My complaint about the app is that there is no way that I can find to select all videos for deletion. I only like keep videos that show things that might be suspicious and delete all others. Since my kids are playing in the yard all the time I get tons of saved videos I don’t want to keep. An option to select all videos and then deselect videos I might want to save would be a huge improvement when it saves over 100 videos a day from my cameras.

Love it!

I have the doorbell 2 & the spotlight camera. Both are great. The spotlight camera is at a rental property where we also keep livestock. It’s easy to check live feed as well as monitor traffic and visitors. App is very easy to use.

So getting worse

With all the updates for the past 5 months, everything is getting slower, even to get live view. Even after rest app and network. My network gets 300 mbps, so can’t blame the network...frustrating!!!

Now updated for the iPhone X

Took awhile for the iPhone X update but it finally arrived. But it still takes WAY too long to begin the live view. Almost 30 seconds! And my home internet is fast!

Things are worse

App open times are slower. Transitions in menus are slower. iPhone 8+ iOS 11.2.6

Over time devices and service becoming more unreliable

Ring range extenders always going offline. Tech support claims it’s the environment. So I take it that I’m supposed to not have anything else on my WiFi network. When away from home, then I try to use the instant view, app always says its having trouble reaching network. In real time, if somebody was to ring the doorbell, by the time the app allows successful video and audio link, visitor has already left. Even when nobody is using internet.

Tired of empty Neighborhood Activity alerts.

Constantly receive neighborhood activity alerts only to have the application show them empty with no content. No matter how long I wait the information does not update. Considering I live in a terrible neighborhood these updates are important to me. What gives Ring?

Love the Ring Doorbell

The app works great. The actual doorbell was easy to install. I can control all the settings from the app and also check the battery level. It is very useful to know when someone is at my door or there is movement. You can also talk through the app.

Love this App!!!

I recently got on the Ring Doorbell train, and couldn’t be happier. Being able to get a notification when somebody is coming to my door or ringing my bell is a game changer. I love the option of being able to choose how far away movement is detected as well being able to talk to someone through the app!

Release Note

Not sure what the latest app version update is about; the release note is the same as the app description. Not sure if I will update.

Worst product!!

Hopefully Amazon will turn it around but this ring service is not what they tell you. I can view my door camera most of the time but when someone rings the door bell camera won’t work...what’s that about??

This review is about the app only

I love that more features have been added over time. The app is well thought out. The only think I would love to see add is a vibration setting added with the sounds my motion alerts go off even when I’ve turned down the sound on my the phone. I don’t want to mute the alerts because I need to know what’s going on at home. But, it’s annoying to have the app make noise when I’m in a meeting and I can’t quite the dumb app. Please a a vibrate option.

Ring Application

Works great but after a motion warning or wanting to open Application it takes an awful long time. It would be great if they worked on a fix.

Having to reinstall app in order to view neighborhood

I have to reinstall the app very often in order to view the neighborhood. Not happy with that! Can you all do something about fixing that bug in your app? It’s very annoying and defeats the purpose of having that feature on this app.

Awesome, Love It!!!!!!

Just bought and installed the Ring Doorbell Pro today. Works great and have been playing with it all afternoon. Great night vision too! Was lucky to see about updating the standard doorbell transformer prior to going out and buying this. Picked one of those up from Home Depot at the same time I bought the Doorbell Pro. All installed and pleased with the purchase.

Ring Pro Live View Issue

I like the ring door bell but the developers need to fix the problem when motion is detected and I open ring to view it the app doesn’t open. I have to wait and view the motion after it is added to history. I’ve contacted ring support but still have the problem. What good is it if you can’t respond to the motion.

What happened to Ring? It’s so gone downhill

All of a sudden I can’t get two out of five of my cameras to work no matter what I do. It says Internet problems but my internets the same, my cameras are still in the same place, but now I can’t get them going. When I call ring for technical assistance, you should take at most a few minutes to get somebody, today for about the 10th time I was on hold for so long I hung up. What has happened to Ring

Nearly perfect.

I am impressed by how consistently Ring products function as advertised. However, I am concerned about what appears to be a growing “ delay” in image processing and response time of each of my ring products. Soon I will be able to answer the door and complete a conversation before ring is able to show me who is at my door.

Was good but now is such a pain to use!

It worked well when we first got it, but now, answering the door works only when it wants to work, and many times live view fails to work. I have 1gbit up and down internet and and a very strong wifi router that provides very strong signal anywhere around my house and the ring is actually only about 20ft away from it.

App crashes while in help session

While in a help chat session, I tried to send a picture of the problem I was having. As I pressed the camera icon to access my photo library, the app crashed. When I’m relaunched the app and went back into the help session, the camera icon was gone. This makes getting help very difficult.

Much worse.

Live view doesn’t work anymore?

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