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iPhone X Support Please?

It’s been long enough could we get iPhone X support. Looks weak without it!

Find another product.

I have great internet upload and download speeds. Have the ring 2, everything in the diagnostics is good but it looks like a webcam from 1999. Freezing, not answering rings or videos being choppy. Pretty sure the developers have no clue how to roll out updates to fix, and this problems will remain. In the past 6 months it is only gotten worse. Update. My upload and download speeds are over 25mps most days.

Horrible company

Warning !!!!!! Buy a different security company. Customer service is terrible. It's a 50/50 shot to install your product. There I maps and google maps is terrible. If they can't find your location. They can't install the product. They don't call you back and there online help line says to you. Sorry we can't help you. They don't care about you or helping you

Where is update for iPhone X

Why don’t update for IPhone X

Unreliable product

The ring stick up cameras and app are great when they work. At least 25% of the time I can’t access live view. Both cameras have good wifi signals. They are slow to pick up movement too. Not happy with my purchase.

Doesn’t support iPhone X

Please fix it.

Love this app

Love the ring app! Wish there was one for the Apple TV!

Love it except........

This is a great product especially when one is alone. My RING is hardwired and I don’t understand why there is a battery since it’s wired. The battery doesn’t last long, and after one month of installing RING, it stopped working because it said to charge the battery. Why, since it’s wired, does it need a battery ??

Lost Ring Starred History

Not sure what happened but all but 1 of the videos I had stared to keep in history has disappeared.

Still waiting for the magic update.

Just seems to be getting worse. Can hardly live view my two spotlight cams, recording is always spotty and delayed and night vision is not that great. The night vision I think I can fix after adding more lighting in the future. The app needs some serious updates or infrastructure reconstruction. Someone at Ring, please fix these issues. I do believe in this company and am going to stick with it a little longer.


No support for iPhone X. Not a very progressive or innovative characteristic for tech company. Also, app lag time when trying to live view or open motion/ring alert is WAY too long. I’ve had folks leave before I could respond. Been an issue for a couple years now. Come on Ring!


Still lacking HomeKit support. Still lacking iPhone X support. Still lacking a free recording plan skybell has. Other than that, I love it! Ring isn’t showing an effort to fix/ improve on these, however.

Don’t buy...

This thing, floodlight cam, is useless for a security camera. I’ve had it for quite some time now and it’s been useless the whole time. Never records at night. Stops recording around 530 starts up again in the morning around 730. What good is that thieves. Come at night. How the hell do you get rid of the live feed when you have this app open on your iPhone. You can’t you have to close out the app and sit and wait for it to reset itself before you can get back to the main screen. I hate this thing

Obnoxious tone for alerts.

The app is great. But the tones for notifications about completely obnoxious and can’t be changed.

No Good

Will try this again. When trying to look at live feed it just spins and spins defeats the purpose if someone is at your door. Now it messages me motion and there is no arrow on message to look at video. Now they set up a call with someone to help that’s ten days away. In the meantime the problems getting worse. Not happy at all was thinking about more cameras since we have more doors but not this product as of now.

Needs iPhone X optimization

Love the service and product. Needs iPhone X optimization. The screen is chopped off the top and bottom on the iPhone X.

Optimize the app for iPhone X

Can you guys optimize the app for the iPhone X screen please?

Over hyped

Purchased the pro at one of the big DIY stores. You know u take the coupon to cash register pay then get the actual box. Installed as directed. Kept kicking itself off the wifi. On line with customer service try a factory reset then again . It finally worked for two hours then the wife came home. Got a notification doorbell would not stop ringing for like 20 min. Video locked up useless. Customer service again. Asked me what kind of doorbell? Who the heck knows. It is less than 5 years old. Then said there is a list of "incompatible " bells. Oh really? Where does it say that? Yanked off of house and took back. 249 buck joke on me

Needs Major Improvements

- Problems with lag when more than one person attempts to access alerts at once. - Interface lacks organization and hierarchy. Should be able to favorite or flag videos. - The ability to swipe left and right on videos is too sensitive and can accidentally be done. - Why hasn’t this been updated to fit the iPhone X? You have one job. - If you happen to be watching at the time, the camera does not record the event. What?! I could go on and on, but you can just pay your developers to give you more suggestions.

Very slow to open the app

By the time the app opened, the delivery person already left or people ring the door bell already left also. They need to take a look at this issue. It takes at least 30 second to open the app and then another 10-15 second to launch the video. Just garbage

Very faulty app

As of late this app just keeps getting more and more bugs. Now I'm unable to actually review video clips because instead of showing the arrows to view more it is blank. So motions and rings come in but you can't see them in review. Also answering rings and motions a lot of times freezes up and renders the app not functioning. When I first got the app it worked well now several months later its just super frustrating.

Not working!

What good is it if I open the app to see who it is BUT it won’t even load so by the time it does IF it does they’re gone???? Been going on for awhile now, my husband even called and told them about the issue but NOTHING has been resolved😡

Freezes some but overall very happy

I love ring for when I’m not home! However, whenever someone rings the door bell, my video freezes, so I can’t see what the person does when I’m not answering the door.

Phone battery

App is just draining my phone battery it’s horrible how my battery doesn’t last. Please fix

Can’t watch videos

Every time a motion is recorded, I try to open it to watch but it doesn’t work. It’s as if that function was taken out. LIVE works perfectly fine though, but anything that has been recorded and in the history, I cannot open to watch.

Low quality and atrocious service

I do not recommend this company at all and I will never buy anything from them again. The door bell goes offline seemingly every other minute and the chime never worked for more than 5 minutes at a time. Their customer service is absolutely ridiculous compared to the standards set by Amazon. I made an order and never received it, so contacted them assuming they would handle it like all other online retailers. I’ve been passed around between them and the shipper for 3 months now. I finally gave up and bought a competitor’s product and have been quite happy with both the quality and reliability of their products and their outstanding customer service. My advice, stay away from this company!!

People can’t hear me!

The bell worked great until the updates. Now, no one can hear me after ringing the bell and the videos are snippets compared to the whole thing. At times, I get the alert and the person is already out of view due to a delay or freeze. I have called CS several times to address my concern, but no fix. What are you doing Developers?


Good idea but unfortunately it’s not working well. The app will not show me live view and motion alert videos. Ive been wrestling with this device for two weeks. I give up 😐

Too glitchy

The idea of this is great. The app... not so much. It takes FOREVER for the picture to come up and by the time it does the person is long gone. A bit disappointing.

So far so good, then the bugs start

Update: it alerts when someone walks up or presses doorbell but like many others say when you try to answer it will “spin and spin” while thinking about it while away or even at home with great wifi!! Meanwhile the person walks away! If it was a burglar...I’d think about spending $$ elsewhere until this is fixed! Update on speed test. I got 119.49 Mbps down and 6.10 Mbps up at router and slightly higher (!) speeds at the Ring doorbell. So it’s not a bandwidth issue! Too many others have the same issue if you read about it! Kaitlyn from Ring support wanted to know the bandwidth. Pro -App works well -Easy to install floodlight -Good quality video -Can read my license plate backing out of garage(it’s 12’ up over garage door) -Bright LED floods -Customisable motion detect zone -No separate router required like Arlo -Cloud storage -Decent night vision in B/W -Hardwired plug and play if replacing existing flood lights -Siren -You can hear whispers over microphone (tested on 3 mph wind day) -You can talk over speaker to those on ground rather clearly if relatively close(did not try shouting for more distance) -Thoughtful Packaging—even comes with screwdriver and LOTS of different sized machine screws with metal faceplate to fit current electrical box of existing floodlights -There is a install video you can watch, but it’s simple enough to do without watching it if you have miniscule fix it skills Con -Longevity outside TBD -Cloud storage -Run Hard wired power if none available in your chosen spot - Storage free only for 30 days -Siren -Night vision not as good as day -Be quick to sync with home router modem once you get off ladder or will have to climb back up there to press button on unit again for sync mode...if you’re 22 no problem haha -Length of time unit bought today will sync (work) with new updated iPhones coming out tomorrow?TBD -Cost Overall it’s not cheap but it works, so far, as just installed. If I have problems going forward I’ll repost

iPhone X Support

Seriously can not believe you still haven’t updated the app for iPhone X What’s your address I can come in and write some code and do it for you guys?

Awesome product!!!

I have owned this product for a little over a year now and have nothing but great things to say. The doorbell is very durable and picture quality for this small of a camera is awesome. Customer service is an A+++. I would highly recommend purchasing a ring product. I always know who is at my house at all times so i never have a worry in sight when i am on vacation or at work. I am looking forward to the new products ring hopefully has in the works for the future. There is no other door bell product out there like this that can top what they are doing. Do yourself a favor spend the money for the safety of not only your home but yourself.

Recommended Service

I’ve been using Ring products for a very long time. They are easy to use, they are aestetically pleasant and most of all they are realiable and backed by a great customer service. You cannot go wrong with this company.

Hardly ever connects

Ever since I updated the app, I can hardly ever connect to Live View. This used to be great, but now it's useless when I need see what's going on outside my door. Worse, it's $200 worth of useless. I wish I had gone with another brand.

Really buggy with iPhone X

The app has not been updated for the new iPhone X. When I tried to use support it constantly stopped working.

Don’t buy

Constant connectivity problems, devices need charging way too frequently, solar panels for charging are available but unsightly- we got them bc we didn’t know otherwise we wld have to take the cams down for like-constant charging. So if u position them high like any normal user of security cams, u have to be able to access and reach them to disconnect them and charge them. On top of this hassle, the screws and screwdriver are proprietary and not sold even at Home Depot- was a total pain when I needed a new screw to re-fasten a bracket. Lastly, the app is a POS-clunky and super slow. Several motion alerts have come through that I tap to answer and the turtle-like app processes for a solid 2 minutes before popping up a live view- totally unhelpful for security purposes. It’s also not a connectivity issue- I have a dedicated T3 special WiFi connect for my home business, and ALL of my other devices stay reliably connected and my apps whiz open and closed. Just the ring hardware has problems, and just the ring app doesn’t work. This was a giant waste of money and time.


Ring makes a decent product and I love the fact they had the doorbell camera. I have the Ring Pro and the floodlight cam. Both cameras are very sensitive to where they are in relation to my home router whereas my Nest cameras are placed all over and have never had any latency issues. The Ring subscription is much cheaper than Nest but it doesn’t give you video feedback history unless it’s been triggered by an event. I can go back several weeks with my Nest cameras. Unfortunately now that Nest has a new doorbell camera coming out, I will likely change out from Ring.

Great easy security addition

Very easy to install and setup. Please update app to support iPhone X. Very happy with my purchase and the free app to secure my home.

I was amazed on how useful this can be!

Yea I heard it from the stores, they were saying it's still better when you have security cameras but I had that. I wanted more. How convenient it is when someone pushes your doorbell it goes to your smartphone. Not just that, you have the option to also select to 'monitor' so if their is any motion it notifies you and also records it automatically. Of course you do have to pay at minimum 2.99 per device per month but what's $3 for this convenience!!! I truly love it. I can see when relatives visit who's home even if nobody tells me!!!!

iPhone X Update

The app works just fine with my Video Doorbell Pro. I just wish an iPhone X optimized app will be released soon.

Works well. Love the force touch feature. Needs iPhone X support

Almost perfect. NEEDS iPhone X support ASAP!

Notifications and App are Slow!!!!

Very disappointed, motion notifications come 10-15 seconds after it senses motion at the front door, then the app takes 10-15 seconds to open. So end result is you do not get “live” notifications. You get a delayed recording... probably going to return once I find something else.

Need new Tones!!

For the love of god can you please make it so we can use custom notification tones when motion is detected for the stickup cams. Then it’ll be 5 stars. “Update from support and telling me to contact them: Unfortunately, we only have additonal ringtones available for the motion-windchimes on your phone. Thanks, “

The ring doorbell

I had the ring doorbell for about a week. The app is nice and easy to use. The one thing missing is a way you can change labels of your video recordings like pizza delivery or like package deliveries.


No iPhone X screen support but otherwise, the app tends to cover all the functionality one would require from it.

Great product but lacks iPhone X support

I own the ring and floodlight cam and have had no major issues just as some other reviewers mentioned sometimes the motion notifications will come in late but they’re always there and they’re always recording. One thing that I’ve noticed is occasionally the lights on the floodlight cam will stay on and I’ll have to go in the app and turn off the lights. I find this to be rather odd and have still not figured out what is causing it I’m assuming a bug with the motion settings but overall great product and highly recommend. Please come out with iPhone X support ASAP it’s been 5 days since the release and you guys still have no support.

iPhone X

No iPhone X updates yet. Unacceptable

Update it nothing works

Live view don’t work nothing works !! Fix it update

Not optimized for iPhone X

Still not optimized for iPhone X’s screen.

Not working

Ever since I did the last apple update the app has barely worked, when I go to watch the event history which I pay for it shows its playing but the screen is just black and no sound. When I try to get live view most the time it just spins.

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