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Huge delays

We love the idea of Ring, so much so that we bought the doorbell, several cameras, and the security system. This review is primarily for the doorbell. The motion detector often doesn’t alert or record until several seconds after someone has passed through the motion detection range. Yet somehow it alerts us to cars driving down the street. Additionally, the app rarely (20% tops) allows us to open the doorbell alert. We click on the alert immediately, with full cell service, and the app opens to a black screen with the answer/Hangup buttons and an indication it is loading, but never loads. Therefore, we cannot use it to see who is ringing the bell and speak to them, which defeats our primary purpose. It’s really disappointing that so many users have complaints like this and they are not being resolved. We do like the interface for the security system in the app, it’s really easy to use.

It’s OK

The Ring doorbell is a great idea. BUT, it’s slow to load and has not been very dependable as far as ringing on iPhone and iPad. When it works, it’s ok if I’m home. Otherwise sketchy at best.

Get surveillance cameras

I bought the ring camera because I thought this would be a better alternative to surveillance cameras. If you are not one to keep up with the Jones’ and upgrade your iPhone every time Apple comes up with a new one, then this device is not for you. I still have an iPhone 6. It works very well, I receive updates and I’m able to update all the apps that I am able to download. Ring does not support the microphone on iPhone 6. When someone rings my bell I cannot communicate with them whatsoever. Ring does not care to fix this in their update, but they insist when I upgrade I will be able to interact with the person at my door. Thanks for nothing

Never works...ever!

This app blows. It has never once pulled up the camera feed when my doorbell rings. Always times out. What a joke!

Mostly a good product...

There is no question that if the Ring products worked as expected 100% of the time, I’d give 5 stars. I am giving 4 because the fact is these products don’t work perfectly (maybe I should give 3?). For example, how do I perform a software update? Ring should send these out automatically, but I don’t see a way except to uninstall then reinstall, risking my current setup to memory. Why can’t I just be sent an update notification like all other apps?

Poor working poor support poor everything

I have done what your not so good helpless support system. And still have problems with my stick up camera. We are having break ins around our area and the camera doesn’t operate correctly.

Can't figure out how to sign up

It requires my phone number and despite typing it in 30 different ways it tells me my phone number is invalid.

Great Flood Cam

I recently installed my flood cam on September 4. I was totally new with the whole thing. Installed it with no problems over my garage door and felt because I had a Wi-Fi extender 15 feet away inside my dining room everything would be great. As long as I was within 10 feet of the device I could get live view. Any further distance away would take a minute for live view. Getting live view from anywhere else in town seemed to be impossible. At that same time I seem to be developing some recent problems with my internet box. Talked with the service provider and confirm that my box was about 4 1/2 years old. I took the box and replace it with a new one. The results were next to amazing! All functions happen within moments now. To look at my live view cam at any time of day from anywhere in town has a completion time of three seconds now. So as a comment to all of your reviewer‘s who are unhappy with speed and response. I believe the real problem is their own Wi-Fi network.


App update kicks you off our wifi and now we cannot set up our device. This device is more hassle than its worth, is a piece of garbage, and should be avoided at all costs.

Not reliable

I have other cameras and sensors in my house and never have issues, but Ring seems to be failing to load the video on a regular basis.

Pretty good experience...

I’ve been pleased with the app. It does take a little longer to open up when I get the alert and I’m not home, but that’s not surprising. My favorite part is the live view. I use it in the mornings to see when the kids’ bus gets here. I can see it right as it pulls up. The app has been pretty consistent. I’m hoping to get the flood light soon so I’m hoping the app works just as well with that as it does the Ring 2 doorbell.

Love it!

Just got the Ring Video Doorbell. My son had an attempted home invasion and the police caught the guys from his Ring video which is why we decided to get one too. Don’t know why we waited so long, it works great and we love the feeling of security it gives us.

Happy so far

So far, we are happy with our Ring Video Doorbell 2. Due to the construction of our home the WiFi signal always seems to be weak and sometimes the videos appear to lag a little. Other than that, we are good. D. M. Morvant

App has gone down the toilet

We have a Ring 2 at our business. The app worked well on our iPhones, though we were never able to get the chime to work. Honestly, we enjoyed it so much we thought we’d get one at home. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Once we installed the second and installed the apps on our phones it has been nothing but a NIGHTMARE!! The app for work disappeared. Reinstall, the home disappears, then they both are gone. Or some variance. Uninstall the app, reinstall. One or the other disappears within a day or so. Over and over and over and over and over.....who has time for this crap??? Ring is supposed to make life easier!! The home is one thing. But at work it is important. Especially when my husband and I are spending a lot of time away right now dealing with my cancer treatment. We thought we could depend on this system to help us though. Not so much - at all. Huge disappointment!!! Get it together Ring!!!!

Works great the first month, then the trouble starts for everyone!

The first month I was a HUGE fan of the ring doorbell and app. After a month it started slowing down and always delays when trying to open the video feed. After about six months it’s almost useless. My WiFi and router are very strong in my house. I didn’t have any problems the first month with WiFi. NOW, it says it had a very poor WiFi signal, and that we should by the ring chime pro wifi extender which is $50. After reviewing a bunch of reviews, most customers have the same issue. I think it’s programmed to slow down and force you to buy the extender for them to make money. I think it’s a scam!

Freeze after 5 seconds in live view

I can’t watch my son waiting for the bus. The video freezes after a few seconds and I have to close the app and reopen it.then I get another few seconds to watch video. Anything could happen in the time I close and reopen app. It’s not phone service tried with and without wi fi. I got a Kuna porch light now and it’s working great. Hate I got so many ring devices and can’t use them for live view.

Not reliable (Fixed)

The cameras are supposed to let you set schedules so that you don’t receive alerts at certain times of the day. Setting up the schedule is a piece of cake. The problem is that half the time, the system doesn’t turn the alerts back on and they will remain turned off until you figure it out and turn them back on manually, or come home to an empty house. I’ve spoken to seven “support” people at ring, nobody can figure this out. Update: Kaitlyn got me in touch with a different team that was able to get my alerts to turn back on when coming off schedule. Updating to 4 stars until they provide an update that will allow us to control the motion alert schedule based on the status of the alarm. In other words, send me alerts to motion in the yard if the alarm is set to Away. Don’t send me alerts when the alarm is Disarmed (I’m home so it’s probably me).


Works but is very slow, sends me alerts after the fact and whoever is at my door has already left. It also takes way too long to view the alerts as well. I silenced the motion on my app one night because bunnies kept setting off the alerts while I was sleeping. Now the app isn’t letting me turn the sound back on 🤦‍♀️. Overall not awful but not great either. This doorbell came preinstalled in our new home but, I would go with another company if given the choice.

So laggy

Live cam is so laggy and interrupted that answering the door with the ring app is more painful than going down the stairs and opening the door. I m thinking of removing it.

Love my ring doorbell

There is a delay but I’ve been able to see who has been at my door pretty quickly. My doorbell chime broke and ring has been super helpful getting me a replacement.

Best security out there, but SLOW connectivity

I love the Ring company, their products and where they are going. You can’t find better! However, the lag time from notification to answering rings and motion is always slow and sometimes doesn’t go through.

Fatal Product Design Flaw

The app doesn’t load any images when the internet is just a little slower than usual. For some reason the app doesn’t adapt to the internet condition of your mobile device. My ADT matrix app loads at a lower quality or slower frame rate when the connection isn’t optimal. Not this app. It tries to do 1080p 24+fps at all times. When it can’t do it, it just won’t connect. So sometimes when youre in a hurry to check who’s in your backyard, it just shows a black screen. Even worse, when you have multiple zones reporting motion at the same time(e.g. your gardener is working in your yard), all devices are uploading to WiFi at the same time. This not only makes live view impossible, but also cripples the internet for your house intermittently. The cameras don’t talk to each other and let the live stream through first. Honestly, no one really cares about the two way talk for floodlight cam or even the live stream. All I need is when the camera is triggered, it sends me a picture highlighting which area in the frame triggered the motion. I’d rather have this than the camera struggling to get ANYTHING 30-40% time. Because of the said flaws, I cannot recommend this app or even the ring products to anyone. Please address the issues through camera firmware.


This app takes forever to load.. its not in real time.. so someone can steal your package and ring will catch them as they walk away

This app was ok...

Then something happened and now the lag time from when the doorbell is rung and the time I which I could actually speak to someone at the door is over 30 seconds. Somewhat useless and unless the person ringing the door hangs around for 1 minute...you can’t actually speak to anyone! Advertising is VERY misleading!

Buggy new version

This new version, not sure if it’s front-end issues or back-end, but certain settings won’t save. Most crucially, the Ring my in-home doorbell setting keeps turning off, and so my doorbell won’t actually ring. I just noticed in the New Features, the Enable Camera Previews was set back to off, even though the app was showing camera previews. I switched it back on and the app promptly crashed.

What happened to RING?

I’ve had Ring since the beginning and while not perfect it worked well enough for being able to talk and see who was at the front door. My first problem was answered by the owner Jamie. The good old days. Like most companies as they have gotten bigger, solar panels, flood lights, the product has gone downhill. I’ve spent the last four months trying to first get a replacement of the replacement of a camera (cloudy lens) that turned out to be defective and never charged well. The solar panel unit connection failed as water got into it. I’m on my third stick up camera and the same for solar panels. Hate to say it but it’s been a hassle and I’m tired of the back and forth. They do have good customer service, but I rather not deal with them and just have a product that works like it used to.


Man I use count on Ring to alert me when people are in front of my house. Now it rings after they have left. The reaction time now has gotten slower and slower. Smh I use to recommend Ring to all my people. Not no more. Team ARLO

Wireless cameras barely connect

Having a mesh network in the house with internet well past 200mbps throughout the house and external, it’s disappointing and inexcusable how unreliable viewing a live view on the battery operated spotlight cameras are. These are the solar panel cameras in which practically never dip below 70% battery life at my house. At least 70% of the videos recorded by these cameras are black. When reaching out to the customer service, I was told to swap the battery on one of them (which temporarily helped). On the other, wifi was blamed with no proper diagnosis (no packet trace, interference measures, etc). There’s clearly a problem with the spotlight wireless cameras and it’s noted all over forums without acknowledgement or being addressed. The wired cameras work as expected just find though.

An okay security system

Would like to see who or what is setting off the motions but you only see half of the video of whatever.. “after the fact” kind of pointless.and will only video record for that one minute, anything can happen after that time and does not pick up motion or recorded.

Not happy

Seems like the ability to add a contact sensor to my devices in the ring app was taken away after I had already bought 3 additional sensor. Was this apart of an update?

Too long for app to open

Very frustrating when someone at the door and you have to wait for the app to open the live video ☹️

So far so good.

Please consider making a app for the AppleTV. Nest offers it for their cameras.

Activating device simulator

We have 5 of these around our house. 90% of the time when we try to live view a cam it says activating device for a couple minutes then nothing. When it does work it’s so choppy and poor quality. Get an alert for motion, go to look and same thing, 9/10 times won’t even pull up the live view. Kind of defeats the purpose. Pretty disappointed that my wife spent so much on all the cameras.

Update is GARBAGE

Unbelievable that this update WAS NOT CHECKED. Forget about saving your lighting settings. Once you attempt to adjust I, you get stuck because YOU CAN’T SAVE YOUR ADJUSTED SETTINGS. At this point, my cam is USELESS at night. UPDATE THIS PLEASE!!!!!

The app keeps getting worse!

When I bought the system 6 months ago it was ok, and I figured the response time to pull up my camera on motion detection would get better but it’s gotten slower. I’m considering returning my products, but I will definitely not be investing another time into this company until they fix their app.

Landscape mode please

Since the cameras only work in landscape mode, could you please make the rest of the app work in landscape mode as well? This would be awesome thanks for a great product. We have dangerous neighbors and this gives us a piece of mind.

Poor Connection Time

Service degradation. Started of as a great service. It now takes upwards of 30 seconds to connect when the door bell is engaged, regardless of my connection or location. Continue to miss deliveries because I cannot talk to the driver, etc.

Does not work well

Intermittently picks up people. With strong WiFi. Will not invest more money in ring

Buggy app

For some reason my alerts are all set on silent since the update and when I try to change it, it says there’s an error. What’s the point of alerts if I don’t know when they are happening? Btw I already emailed you Kaitlyn, so don’t copy and paste your response. Go check your email. My name is Tuyen Kamo.


Just purchased the ring, horrible video cuts out, picks up every car that goes by, taking back to get refund

Video takes forever to come up

I have excellent internet speed and even an extender connection between the router and my Ring. Video is always lagging and never loads up. Always have to reset the app and go Live. Even then it takes forever to load. Horrible and disappointing!!

Couldn’t stop a break in.

When we first got this app I was super excited, but lately it just doesn’t work. We have the doorbell hardwired into our home and while I’m connected to WiFi at my work, the app says unable to connect. Unfortunately, this happened at a point where we had a break in occur at our home. If the system worked like it’s suppose to this could have never happened, but unfortunately the app “couldn’t be reached”. Very disappointed in this.

Have ring doorbell

Does good except lately notice when the doorbell goes off. Click on it, it sits there and spins cant answer the door to see who’s there. I’m in a wheelchair and can’t get to the door . Can’t find out who’s there or talk to them. They leave before I can get to the door. What causes the delay or said it’s having a problem. Main reason we put it in so I can notify them to wait til I can get there.

Fix this app!

Update: 1 yr later... Still no good! I gave you my money, now let the thing work! Do you not care?! By the time the video shows up in the list, someone could break in and do God knows what! Plus I keep deleting old videos and they end up right back in the list again over and over and over! Very annoying!

Ring has become useless

When we first bought our Ring doorbell is was amazing!! We told friends and family that they needed to purchase because it was such a great way to keep an eye over their homes... Now we rarely get notifications, we can no longer connect to our camera at anytime and if you don’t answer a notification in .0001 seconds you’re out of luck. Biggest waste of money!! Going to get rid of ours and go with a different company. Don’t waste your money on one of these!!!!!!!

Terrible system

Where to begin.... Pixels out extremely fast, you get motion detection all with leaves and bugs, never captures the mailman or someone coming home. Doorbell works, other cameras are crap. Batteries need changing once a week. If you don't subscribe there is no system of surveillance. There is no video. Changed setting and position of cameras to no avail. Real waste of money.

Not compatible with the new Lenovo smart display for google

At one time I was satisfied with my Ring2. Alerts have a delay 1 to 2 minutes. Last month I purchased the ring alarm system, returned to store two days later, got better deal from my ADT.I just purchased the Lenovo Smart Display with Google assistant, not compatible with Ring. Not a happy camper how Amazon and Google are playing games with us the consumers that are making them rich. After my year is up I will purchase a new door bell that is more accurate and compatible with all products out there.

App update BAD

I just updated the app and now my floodlight cam is useless ! Gives alerts every minute for no reason ! Fix it please , the update ruined my once perfect cam.

Delays have increased

We started with our Ring 2 years ago and we were amazed with its abilities and quick response with playback. Amazon had outages and since then very slow response when the motion or door rings. Delays are 20 seconds to more than a minute or more to get access to the recordings. The problem is not related to poor speed via our internet connection as I ran speed tests to confirm. I think it’s the number of clients accessing the storage. Clients grew but the technology didn’t support this.

I must have the only working Ring unit..

At least based on these reviews. I had it installed for 3 weeks now and it’s working as advertised. Great video quality, especially in night mode, and minimal lag between video and live action. I am using 5G, with my Wi-Fi running at 100mbs. My signal strength at the unit is -52. The app is pretty easy to use and fairly intuitive. Running on IOS at latest version.

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